A new series based on color and form, with origins in the natural world. Many of these works are large format mixed media paintings. Please see the Mostre gallery and Commissions gallery for further photographs of these and other pieces. Current originals available for purchase can be found here.
Fireflight Aurora. 70cm x 70cm mixed mediaFireflight Aurora (sideview)The Road: FracturedDreamstormDreamstormGardenTurningNot ManhattanDetail: wip '12 Hours'. Sold'The Fall'Fireflight Aurora (detail)'Garden' in the studio. Sold.The Road: Fractured and Fireflightstudio detail: The Road - Fractured(with 'Wallflowers' at opening night @ Al Saraceno, Varigotti)detail from wip '12 Hours' (commission; sold)detail: '12 Hours'Detail: '12 hours'. Sold.'Cascade' in situ. Special commission. Sold'Cascade' in situ: Sold